4 Reasons Why Restaurants Need a Mobile Point-of-Sale System

by Je Yaranon on March 2020

Being able to serve the juiciest meats and sweetest desserts is great and all, but it’s just another building block when establishing a restaurant. If you can’t stack the deck on other key areas, your restaurant will fade out faster than you can bow and say “Welcome, Ma’am/Sir!”

Among the key pieces of that puzzle is having a quick, simple, and efficient payment solution. It’s not as simple as it sounds – a run-of-the-mill payment system can only take you so far because the digital world waits for no one. It’s important to keep up with the times, especially with studies popping up from everywhere, including one forecast that believes that the global digital payments market will spike up into $132.5 Billion by 2025.

Here now are four more reasons why restaurants ought to have a POS or payment terminal in place:


Think of a payment terminal as a well-oiled machine that puts in valuable financial work. It allows you to offer customers more payment options as it can process cashless transactions like QR codes and credit cards. Think of it as a couple of extra employees giving you smooth service in clockwork fashion, all without the usual hassles.

With what it brings to the table, you can also expect that the price range is cost-effective overall.


It’s a huge step-up to manual methods and cash register as it provides a more efficient and accurate way of processing various types of payments, assuring a faster turnaround of tables, which likely leads to more profit.

Speed plays an integral part in customer service, and with the right POS, such is virtually guaranteed.


Our payment devices include a back-office. Through the feature, the manager can get a hold of the data anytime and anywhere, whether it’s in a tablet, smartphone, or PC. It’s also packed with tools that help with the overall managing of data.

The airtight data encryption, meanwhile, assures that the data is stored online and fully protected.


Beyond reading QR codes, getting swiped on by cards, and accepting other cashless payments, the terminal is also able to hook you up with real-time transaction records for the whole day that can be easily viewed through the device.

It's an accurate, on-demand sales report that saves time and effort, eliminating worries about manual entry errors and allowing you and your staff to focus more on other duties.

The restaurant industry has a sea of competitors and it’s growing by the minute, but it’s only intimidating if you are not backed with the right tools.

With VeritasPay, you can have with the best and most affordable payment devices and payment solutions. Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) who are looking to climb up the ranks are among the entities that best fit what we deliver, as we offer more cost-effective services, particularly when compared to competitors and banks.

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