VeritasPay ExpressPOS

Start accepting self-service payments

Expand your acceptance channels by allowing customers to make unattended e-payments. VeritasPay ExpressPOS equips self-service machines with a sleek payment terminal that customers can easily navigate.

Ready for card and QR code payments

We know payment flexibility is everything, so unlike standard unattended machines that are limited to cash payments, ours are capable of taking cards and QR codes.

Built strong with universal compatibility

The PAX IM30 is not only designed to be user friendly, it was also created to be compatible with various self-service devices: vending machines, ticketing kiosks, pay-at-pump stations, and more.

With a strong external cover that’s shock, scratch, dust, and water-resistant, the PAX IM30 is built to handle indoor and outdoor settings.

PAX IM30 Catalogue

Equip your self-service business with the right terminal.

Manage transactions anywhere and get real-time updates

Manage and monitor your self-service machines anywhere through the cloud-based VeritasPay Hub, where you can easily access your store’s transaction data.

VeritasPay ExpressPOS Pricing

No required monthly transaction volume
Competitive rates for card and QR code payments
Own the payment terminal via outright purchase or installment
Free management tool to monitor your business

Promo Rate

Credit – Visa, Mastercard 3.00% + Setup Fee, Payment Terminal Cost, (Installment / Outright)
QR – Gcash, GrabPay 2.00%

*Promo rates are valid until December 31, 2021.

Standard Rate

Credit – Visa, Mastercard 3.50% + Setup Fee, Payment Terminal Cost, (Installment / Outright)
QR – Gcash, GrabPay 2.00%


Outright Price PHP 28,499.00
Installment (12 months) PHP 2,549.00 per month

We offer customized rates for businesses with a high sales volume.

Request a custom rate