Branding Guidelines

We see the VeritasPay logo as a representation of our team and vision. To keep the consistency of our brand
and official logo, we maintain a certain use of colors in varying backgrounds.

Logo Colors

On Dark Background (App Icon)

On Light Background (App Icon)

On Dark Background (Social Media Icon)

On Light Background (Social Media Icon)

On Dark Background

On Light Background


Logo Misuse

Do not use a background similar to the logo color

Do not put any filter on the logo

Do not adjust transparency

Do not change the logo color

Do not distort or warp the logo in anyway

Do not outline or stylize the logo

Do not apply shadow or stroke to the logo

Do not crop the logo

Do not use a white logo on any light background

Do not apply gradient on the logo

Do not rotate the logo

Do not use an image as a background