VeritasPay OnePOS

Make the change and start accepting e-payments

The future of payments is digital. Get in and be able to accept various payments under one terminal.

With VeritasPay OnePOS, you’ll avoid the need for multiple devices to cater to alternative payment methods. Our terminal can process credit, debit, loyalty cards and QR code payments.

Get a reliable payment terminal for your business needs

The PAX A930 is designed with internal and external tools a point-of-sale device should have.

Built-in printer
Long-lasting battery
Wide, HD screen
Network connectivity (4G, WiFi, Bluetooth, and NFC)
PAX A930 Catalogue

E-payment acceptance will take your business forward.

More than a payment software

Our secure, easy-to-use payment software goes beyond allowing you and your customers to process e-payments seamlessly. It’s also able to void and refund payments and send digital receipts via email and SMS.

Easily manage transactions and other sales data

To further help your business, we offer VeritasPay Hub, a free, cloud-based back-office. It’s an online tool for managing and monitoring your store’s transaction data, generating reports and ordering more terminals.

Reward more, attract more

Reward your customers through generated promo codes and vouchers. You can easily redeem these vouchers and accept promotional offers on our payment terminal.

VeritasPay OnePOS Pricing

No required monthly transaction volume
Competitive rates for card and QR code payments
Own the payment terminal via outright purchase or installment
Free voucher management tool for e-vouchers and promo codes

Promo Rate

Credit – Visa, Mastercard 3.00% + Payment Terminal Cost (Installment / Outright)
QR – GCash, GrabPay 2.00%

*Promo rates are valid until March 31, 2022.

Standard Rate

Credit – Visa, Mastercard 3.50% + Payment Terminal Cost (Installment / Outright)
QR – GCash, GrabPay 2.00%

Payment Terminal PAX A930

Outright Price PHP 14, 999.00
Installment (12 months) PHP 1,399.00 per month

We offer customized rates for businesses with a high sales volume

Request a custom rate