Diverse payment solutions for large enterprises and banks

Fill your payment acceptance needs under one robust roof

Face-to-Face Payment Solution

Process credit, debit, loyalty cards, QR codes and other electronic payments through our fully certified smart terminals.

Address varying customer preferences

Welcome all electronic payment methods. More options, more payments.

Easy-to-use smart terminals

We keep it simple. It’s free of complex settings and only designed to deliver fast, hassle-free transactions.

API integration

Minimize human error and eliminate the need to enter values into two separate systems. We can quickly integrate the payment device to your cash register or front/back-end system.

Unattended Payment Solution

Reach more customers by arming self-service kiosks with
an all-in-one smart terminal.

Universally compatible smart terminal

Our VPI Smart Unattended Terminal can interface with vending machines, ticketing
kiosks, pay-at-pump stations, and more.

User-friendly, customizable app

The built-in payment app is simplified to assure transactions are fast and
customers can easily follow the purchasing process.

Expanded availability

The solution will let you process credit, debit, loyalty cards, e-wallets, and
other forms of payments.

Online Payment Solution

Enable your website with a PCI-certified payment gateway.

Secure payment API

Assure security with our API integration. It allows you to provide
customers with a payment experience with no redirections.

Control the design

Incorporate your branding and preferred checkout process.

Alternative payments

Accept online banking, e-wallets and over-the-counter payments.


Our cloud-based back-office allows for an easier way to manage various transactions and terminal data, and it comes free when you avail any of our payment solutions.

All transactions for face-to-face, unattended, and/or online payments across all merchants can be found in one back-office.

Smart Terminal Management

Order and/or assign devices to a desired merchant

Report Generation

Create filtered reports in a few clicks and download in various formats

Finance & Accounting

Facilitate settlements, reversals, chargebacks, refunds and voids.