Secure Face-To-Face Payments

Our face-to-face payment solution enables businesses to accept multiple payment types under one device.

Accept credit, debit, installments, QR codes, and more
Integrate our payment terminals into your
cash register or other systems
Control your device and manage your
transactions through a free back-office
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Simplified Online Payment Platform

Take your business online. Our online payment solution offers a wide range of payment options
and includes all of the essentials.

Easily integrate your system or website with our direct API
Offer credit, debit, e-wallet, online banking, or over-the-counter payment options
Assure data security with end-to-end encryption
Manage and monitor your transactions through a
free back-office
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Fast Self-Service Transactions

Our unattended payment solution equips self-service machines with a fast, user-friendly payment terminal.

Able to process credit, debit, loyalty card, e-wallet, and other forms of payments.
Can interface with vending machines, ticketing kiosks,
pay-at-pump stations and more.
Securely allows customers to complete an
entire purchase.
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Plan 500 and Devices

VeritasPay’s Plan 500 specifically caters to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).
It has a fixed monthly fee of PHP 500 and a payment terminal that can be availed via installment or outright purchase.

Keep up with the new age of payment

Privacy and Security

Our payment platform meets and is certified to Philippine and international payment network security standards.

Our Clients and Partners

We are proud to work with some of the country’s industry leaders