Drive for Five: VeritasPay’s new logo

by Je Yaranon on September 2021

It’s an exciting time for us at VeritasPay Philippines Inc. as we just eclipsed the five-year mark this past July. The journey has been something, and in a world and industry that’s constantly moving – literally and figuratively – we thought it’s only right that we transition into something fresh. After all, we’re also ushering in new products and solutions.

Why the change?

Simple. We want something that will illustrate our services, goals, and values better, something that’s more indicative of who we are and what we do.

The old logo brought us many memories and it will always be a part of us. Now that we’re gearing up towards change and expansion, we couldn’t be more excited to create new ones with our updated look.

The concept

As always, the company’s mission and vision ignited us. We are a multi-faceted payment provider that offers face-to-face, online, and unattended payment solutions. Our work focuses on providing simple, secured, and reliable payment technology, and it is directed at climbing the industry’s upper echelon through aiding all levels of businesses and financial institutions in the Philippines. We knew those factors should somehow be represented in the logo.

Through tireless collaboration, we were ultimately led to a superb result. We showed the range of our services and our approach to the digital payment revolution, as shown in the card, EMV, and smartphone vectors that also resembled a terminal processing a card payment. We talk about ‘seamless’ processes every time, so we made sure we applied it in our concept and execution.

Words from our president

VeritasPay is blessed to be spearheaded by a bright leader, Christopher James Payne, someone who has the perfect balance of old-school industry expertise and youthful exuberance.

Though constantly swamped in duties, we got hold of him to talk about his decision to change the VeritasPay logo:

“We’ve been thinking about this for a while and thought it would be a great idea to sport a more modern look to mark our 5-year anniversary. We also believe the new logo conveys our vision for the future: to become a multi-faceted payment provider for businesses of all-sizes.”

Moving forward, the VeritasPay team remains committed to these goals. It is a path we will continue to trail and we believe we have the capabilities to achieve our expectations.

Our current and potential clients and partners can expect continuously progressing services from us. We’ll continue working to create a better, more seamless payment experience for businesses everywhere.

See more of our rebranding, the services we offer, and more by going to the VeritasPay homepage!

As VeritasPay continues to provide high-quality payment solutions and promote cashless transactions, the company is also dedicated in bringing in fresh and informative content. We’ll be continuing to share new articles about our products, services, and varying subjects within the industry as we move forward.

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