5 Ways to Market your Business Using QR Codes

by Je Yaranon on March 2021

QR codes picked up a lot of momentum due to the pandemic’s societal changes. With all the protocols still being applied today and the foreseeable future, it seems that it won’t lost any kind of steam any time soon. As such, owners ought to gear their business up in incorporating QR codes in their marketing efforts as much as they can.

Let’s back up for a bit, though, and quickly define what a QR code is: A QR code is a matrix barcode that contains various information, depending on one’s preference. Once it is scanned, the user will either be shown certain information or redirected to a particular link or action.

Now, let’s proceed and list potential content for the redirection:

Website or social media page

The most common content of a QR code redirection is website or social media – whichever it may be, you can even link it to a particular content or post, such as promos, news, and the like. It allows an instant presentation of various key information about your business, and it’s an added means to distribute your links and drive traffic.

Business map

In this approach, you can redirect or show potential clients/partners into a map of your business. This helps you get located easily by anyone who wants to drop by or know more where you’re situated. If preferred, you can even include actual photos of the office/building and directions on how to go to the exact street.

Contact details

It can be used anywhere, but this is particularly useful when you attend events. Potential clients/partners can just scan the QR code and they can receive your contact details, such as landline and mobile numbers, and email address(es).

Price list/Menu

This is another popular content of QR code marketing as it is a direct, no nonsense scheme for selling your goods and/or services. Upon scanning, customers will be able to see what you sell, what each looks like, what its prices are, etc. If preferred, you can also include ads about promos and/or other offers.

App download

Bringing a user straight into the download screen is a great way to entice users into downloading your app. Along with the standard catchy promotions, tags, designs, etc., the button is right there, just one tap away. If the campaign is good enough and executed well, it should work smoothly. It’s even possible to design the QR to not just redirect, but also start the download after scanning.

Considering the world’s current climate and how QR codes have been widely used for contact tracing, it’s definitely high time for business owners incorporate the code in their businesses. It’s a way to keep things afloat while also assuring everyone’s safety.

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