5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Smart Kiosk

by Je Yaranon on September 2020

The payment revolution is not stopping for anyone or anything. It is backed by the world’s fast-changing technology and a handful of other components that are primed to re-arrange the payment industry.

In recent years, we have seen the slow but steady rise of one of its most interesting products: the smart kiosk (A.K.A digital kiosk and interactive kiosk). You might’ve noticed some of it at your favorite fast food chains and convenience stores.

Smart kiosks are about as advanced as you can get in payment processing today. How can it not? It has a host of features and factors that allow businesses and customers to have a unique kind of communication.

It’s high time for store runners to give this cool, hip, efficient, and new-age payment technology a deeper look. Let’s run through a couple of important reasons why:

It cuts down labor

In the long run, smart kiosks are able to open up quite the space in the budget. The tech is there to serve, serve, and serve some more. They need minimal assistance and they only take breaks during maintenance, which is only once in a while.

It lets customers shop at their own pace

Customers want to shop at their own pace. They don’t want to hear upsells or be bothered by anything unless they have inquiries, and it’s always good to have them be engaged with your products. Both can be addressed through a smart kiosk. The digital catalogue gives a good visual with an easy navigation of the many choices.

It attracts customers

With its rarity and the unique shopping experience it provides, smart kiosks are an automatic tool to attract everyone’s attention. It’s evident with how we remember the stores we went to that had such technology. Once it gathers all the momentum, including positive word of mouth, it then allows your store to standout, which then leads to a variety of good things.

It helps avoid a line build-up

Having long lines are inevitable, and it can be a real pest once it piles up. It generates stress and confusion among the staff, makes customers testy, and it even drives away on-looking customers. Smart kiosks help you avoid that by adding a new resource in the whole process. It’s also faster and more efficient, thus allowing you to serve more.

It’s easy to set-up and maintain

Don’t be fooled by its high-tech qualities; smart kiosks aren’t complex. It’s like an everyday website: there’s images, videos, buttons, pages, and all the other standard options. The same goes with its maintenance – all the other technical stuff will be handled by your smart kiosk provider, just make sure you get it from credible and trusted source.

Here at VeritasPay, we offer an unattended payment terminal that helps you power-up your vending machines or smart kiosks. It’s a well-built, well-structured, and well-designed payment terminal that’s all suited for the varying types of self-service businesses.

As VeritasPay continues to provide high-quality payment solutions and promote cashless transactions, the company is also dedicated in bringing in fresh and informative content. We’ll be continuing to share new articles about our products, services, and varying subjects within the industry as we move forward.

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