6 Ecommerce Trends to Look Out for in 2021

by Je Yaranon on March 2021

Ecommerce trends can change faster than anyone of us can anticipate. It lives online, so it’s to be expected. The pace will continue to be as such this 2021 since everyone’s more online than ever due to the pandemic. We’re also on the first quarter of the year, which means a batch of trends have emerged while other ones are probably popping out from nowhere.

Let’s get into the list.

Voice commerce

Voice commerce came into the scene years ago and it hasn’t stopped progressing. It is definitely a thing now, thanks to software/devices like Siri, Alexa, and Google.

Not only do more people own smart speakers, they also rely more on voice assistants to complete daily tasks. It’s simply a fascinating gadget to have – AIs provide information in a snap.

Mobile shopping

Mobile shopping is still behind desktop/PC-based shopping, but because people are more glued into their phones than ever before, business owners will need to make sure that they have an app or their websites are responsive on mobile devices.

Payment acceptance flexibility

It’s always better to offer a variety of options and be as flexible as possible. Customers have their own preferences, and if it doesn’t get met, you might drive them away. Be sure to update your payment system with all the widely-used payment methods – credit, debit, QR, and e-wallet.

New payment methods

It’s anyone’s guess how far technology will take us. In payments, it means new payment methods can emerge, perhaps another branch of card and other electronic-based payments, such as digital wallets from GooglePay, ApplePay, WeChatPay, etc. Don’t overlook how far cryptocurrency can extend as well.

Video campaigns

Customers respond more to video, and platforms like YouTube and TikTok are consistently making it more influential. It appears to be more than a usual fad. How can it not? While it’s a hit-or-miss just like other strategies, videos are fun to make, easier to make viral, and quick to get anyone’s attention. If you are smart enough, you don’t have to dig deep in your pockets too, sometimes not at all.


It’s virtually impossible to immediately respond to all social media/online inquiries, but that’s where chatbots come in. They are your “digital agents” 24/7/365, be it for chat and email replies or assistance in navigating the store. Many ecommerce sites are equipped with this feature and every other store on Facebook has it as well. The thing to look out for now is the various possible advancements in how it’s used and how realistically engaging the bot can be.

Which trend interests you the most? Each strategy is worth a try. All are pretty intriguing as they address the need to improve user experience, which, as we all know, is a reliable way to bring back customers and attract new ones.

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