VeritasPay MPOS


VeritasPay BT EMV

Chipper™ BT - a compact magstripe & EMV card reader combines leading reliability and affordability in a single advanced mPOS device. This unit is suitable for diverse applications and industries that value mobility and convenience, while connected with Bluetooth® and firmly stuck to the back of your device with a removable adhesive sticky pad.

Chipper™ BT provides a superior chip reading platform with end-to-end data encryption technology, for easy and secure mobile payments anytime, anywhere. It can fit in your pocket and is ready to go wherever you need a reliable and secure mPOS solution. It supports over-the-air firmware and key injection updates, which reduces complexity and boosts ease of use.


  • EMV Chip Card Reader, (ISO 7816 Compliant Class A, B, C card)
  • Magnetic Stripe Card Reader Dual tracks (track 1 & 2 or track 2 & 3)
  • Android and iOS compatible