Integration and certification capabilities like no other.

We integrate and certify any payment device or payment acceptance channel, and we are among the fastest in the industry.

Simplifying Complex Payment Options

Leverage VeritasPay’s payment-as-a-service solution, which simplifies the complexities of the payment world with a single integration for card-present, e-commerce, and fintech services. VeritasPay serves Acquirers, Payment Facilitators, Enterprise clients, Merchant Banks, and other fintech businesses within the Philippines or internationally.

Acquirer Agnostic

Facilitate payments with your Bank or Acquirer of choice and give your business flexibility and options where to best route your transactions.

Control Your Portfolio

VeritasPay’s cloud-based back office provides multi-level merchant management and terminal management. View daily transactions, activate/deactivate terminals, and generate detailed real-time reports, giving you complete control over your portfolio and your data.

Device Agnostic

Save time and operational expenses. Capitalize on VeritasPay’s device certification and integration conducted in our mobile certification labs. Choose the device that fits your business needs and VeritasPay will manage the certification process to ensure it passes M-TIP and ADTV within four months.

Fintech/Payment Gateway Accelerator

Utilize our partners to build customized apps and platforms to provided added value to your clients. Offer security, loyalty rewards, and other plug-in services at an affordable cost to build a strong customer retention strategy.

Online Payments

VeritasPay’s payment gateway makes it easier for your enterprise to process e-commerce transactions. Set up a hosted payment page, or use a virtual terminal to manage electronic payments via email or phone.

Platform Components

VeritasPay takes care of every piece of the payment puzzle to deliver you and your customers improved security, increased accountability, lower costs and faster payment processing. A true point-to-point solution which gives you full control over your payment ecosystem.

Mobile Point-of-Sale Payments

Have it your way and choose from a wide range of EMV and PCI compliant mPOS/smartPOS devices based on your business needs and capacity from functionality to price and style.

Whether you need an all-in-one SmartPOS or an affordable mPOS you connect to a phone via Bluetooth, you will be able to process all types of transactions. Be able to process credit and debit cards, contactless payments, QR code payments, and digital wallets.

Ecommerce Solutions

Focus on what truly matters in your business and let VeritasPay’s ecommerce solutions take care of your online, email or over the phone transactions.

Let your customers have full control of their shopping experience on your website while VeritasPay’s hosted payment page or virtual terminal processes their payments securely. Build a strong customer retention strategy with recurring payments by tokenizing the cardholder’s information.

Mobile App Customizable

VeritasPay provides a native mobile application that can be white labelled and customized providing your enterprise with a unique fully branded application. Enjoy user friendly, highly secure and functional mobile payment applications that provide:

• End-to-end encryption
• Void management
• Refund management
• Product catalogue management
• Flexible payment options
• Bluetooth and USB connectivity
• Automatic updates
• Geo-fencing, white and black listing

Merchant and Terminal Management

VeritasPay’s cloud-based back-office gives you complete control of your data and allows you to effortlessly board merchants and manage your terminals remotely.

With it’s multi-level management features, you can organize merchant levels on almost any hierarchy you desire, giving you a range of set up paramaeters as well as flexibility based on your needs and requirements. Access and generate comprehensive reports in real-time to ensure you’re keeping up with your performance and programs for Merchants, Acquirers, and more.

Terminal Certification and Integration

Be able to provide the device and technology your enterprise or clients desire most. VeritasPay will handle the integration of the device of your choosing freeing up your technical team to handle other projects. Through VeritasPay’s mobile certification lab, you can obtain an integrated device that has completed the MasterCard Terminal Integration Process (M-TIP) and Visa Acquirer Device Validation (ADVT) in just four months. Be the first in the market place with your unique solution.

VertiasPay Back Office

Decisions and strategies based on data. Knowledge fueled by a robust platform. Using the VeritasPay back-office is more than just having an online dashboard.

Establish your merchant relationships with an enhanced and structured back office that gives you everything you need to grow your business. You can view real-time sales and refunds, account deposits and withdrawals, generate reports, activate/deactivate mPOS devices and manage users.

Customer Support

Our customer support staff are available 24/7/365 days to support your business.

We can handle on-site/virtual support, installation and training to ensure that your staff or clients understand how to best utilize the solution.

VeritasPay’s Cloud

Here’s your complete payment solution, capable of piecing together the payment/fintech industry. VeritasPay’s middleware connects Acquirers, Payment Facilitators, Enterprise clients and Merchant Banks through a secure cloud-based infrastructure. The PaaS platform works like a Swiss-army knife, giving you a mix of devices, payment channels and networks with countless distribution opportunities for all types of companies.

Have the best breed of payment solutions for your next big project and be the first in the market.

VeritasPay Cloud
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