Unattended Payment Solution

Let your customers perform the transaction

Allow self-service transactions

Be able to provide self-service payments. With VPI’s unattended payment solution, you can equip self-service machines with a fully-functioning payment terminal that allows customers to complete a purchase.

Extend your availability

Deliver a better, more flexible payment system. Unlike standard solutions, VPI will let you process credit, debit, loyalty card, e-wallet, and other forms of payments.

Universally compatible

It's able to interface across all self-service devices – vending machines, ticketing kiosks, pay-at-pump stations, and more.

The payment solutions your business
needs is just a click away

Terminal and Software

Externally and internally robust

The solution is powered with high-quality tools inside and out.

Externally, the VPI Unattended Smart Terminal is protected with a ruggedized cover
that is designed to be water, vandal, dust, and scratch-resistant.

Internally, the software is guaranteed to be secured as it complies with the latest
guidelines of various card security organizations.

User-friendly, customizable app

VPI has a user-friendly app that promises to be free of any complex buttons or settings.

Want to tweak the app to better fit your business? Our solutions are customizable too. We’ll let you incorporate your preferences.


No cashier, no problem

Even without any cashier or other personnel present, the payment device and its transaction data can be managed and monitored in real-time.
The solution is inclusive of a free back-office platform that’s easily accessible through any Wi-Fi-connected PC or compatible mobile device.

Fast, detailed report generation

The back-office can do your reports for you. It can quickly generate data based on varying preferences, and it's downloadable in multiple formats.