Built for payment processing

Be equipped with an all-in-one payment system.

We have standalone, PCI and EMV-compliant smart terminals that provide fast, efficient, and secure payment processing.

Like an everyday smartphone

VPI Smart Terminals are like an everyday smartphone – it’s light on the hands, has an HD display, and a camera that can scan QR codes.

Cost-Effective Rates

Get the best deals on the best devices. Our Plan 500 and MDR-based program is available on our smart terminals.

You can also choose your preferred method of purchase - installment or outright - and enjoy add-on services either way.


Smooth integration

Integration is made easy with VeritasPay. We can integrate the payment device to your cash register or front/back-end system.

With an integrated payment platform, you’ll be able to minimize human error and eliminate the need to enter values into two separate systems. It also allows you to centralize your reporting.

Provide digital receipts

Hardcopy receipts are easily lost and can be messy, so go digital and be environmentally friendly. Be able to provide customers an option to get receipts via e-mail or SMS without connecting to a separate device.

Get paid fast and give customers more payment options

Our payment devices keep it simple. It’s an all-in-one terminal that’s loaded with functionalities that aim to deliver hassle-free transactions for merchants and customers.

With our smart terminals, you’ll be able to process credit, debit, QR code payments, and more.

Smart Terminal Plus

The payment solutions your business needs is a click away


Back office


Control all your payment devices

Manage, monitor, and control your terminals from anywhere. Be able to activate/deactivate devices, change cashier passwords, set accepted payment types, and more.

All transactions can be widely managed as well. The back office lets you monitor the device's activities and execute voids and transaction refunds.