Customer Support


We maintain the high quality of our products and services to the best of our abilities.

Whether it’s quick troubleshoots, product/service inquiries, or requests for on-site technical assistance, you can get a hold of our support agents through the following:

+63 2 8633 8902
7th flr., SMB Prestige Bldg., 40 San Buenaventura St., Bagong Ilog, Pasig City, Metro Manila, Philippines


What is VeritasPay?

VeritasPay Philippines Inc. (VPI) is a Philippine-based software development company that delivers industry specific and custom payment solutions that are EMV and PCI compliant.

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What is mobile payment?

Mobile payment is a money payment done through cell phones, smartphones, tablets or payment terminals.

Are my payments secured?

Yes. VeritasPay complies with the latest guidelines of Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) and follow the latest encryption standards. Additionally, our company adheres to the Data Privacy Act of 2012 or R.A. No. 10173, its implementing Rules and Regulations, and Advisories and Opinions. VeritasPay is also aligned with local laws and with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements of the European Union (EU) to ensure we are at par with the industry standards.

What type of businesses are suited for VeritasPay?

Any SEC and DTI-registered business are welcomed to apply.

We cater to all types of businesses, excluding those who are engaged in the following

  • Pornographic or illicit material or activities of any type
  • Escort services
  • Gambling operations, including virtual casinos
  • Firearms, ammunitions, and explosives
  • Non face-to-face prescription drug merchants/internet pharmacy
  • Non face-to-face tobacco product merchants
  • “Receipt of payment in advance” operation module
  • Pyramid selling or multi-level marketing

NOTE: The requirements will vary depending on the type of your business. This can be discussed further during your registration process.

Can I still apply even if my business is just a start-up?

Yes. All applications shall be accepted provided that your business does not fall within the list of unacceptable industries and you are able to submit all the required documents.

My business is not a corporation, can I still avail of VeritasPay’s services?

Yes. We also cater to sole proprietors and partnerships. Other business set-ups may also apply as long as they have the proper business registrations.

Do I need a website to qualify for VeritasPay’s services?

For availing a mobile payment solution, having a website is not required.

My business has a low price point. Can I still apply?

We accept payments of any amount, but a limit can be set through your preference.

What are the requirements to be a merchant?

The requirements would depend on the following:

For Sole Proprietorship
  • A properly completed VPI Merchant Application Form or electronic equivalent
  • DTI Business Registration Certificate
  • BIR Certificate of Registration
  • Mayor’s Permit
  • Two (2) valid IDs with specimen signature of the owner
    • OR if the application is signed by a person holding the Special Power of Attorney for the applicant, the application shall be accepted provided that the original documents are presented, and a copy thereof submitted as part of the supporting documents.

For Partnership
  • A properly completed VPI Merchant Application Form or electronic equivalent
  • SEC Certificate of Registration
  • Articles of Partnership or latest available General Information Sheet
  • BIR Certificate of Registration
  • Mayor’s Permit
  • Two (2) valid IDs of each signatory authorized by the Partnership to enter into an agreement with VPI as specified in the Partnership Resolution

For Corporation
  • A properly completed VPI Merchant Application Form or electronic equivalent
  • SEC Certificate of Registration, Articles of Incorporation or Partnership, By-Laws, and Election of Officers
  • DTI Business Registration including original/renewal application of trade name (if Corporate or Partnership name differs from business name)
  • BIR Certificate of Registration
  • Mayor’s Permit
  • Two (2) valid IDs of each authorized signatory and the Corporate Secretary of the corporation to enter into an agreement with VPI as specified in the Board Resolution
  • Notarized Board Resolution or Secretary's Certificate

Valid Personal ID

Images or copies of the following personal IDs are acceptable;

  • Passport (Data/Photo page/s)
  • Driver's License (including Student Permits with official receipt)
  • Social Security System (SSS) Card (date of birth must be visible on the ID)
  • Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) ID
  • Postal ID (old postal IDs must have a photo of both front and back)
  • Voter ID
  • Unified Multi-Purpose ID (UMID)
  • OFW ID
  • Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) ID

Data Privacy Consent Section:

Please note that by providing us with above information you are expressly giving VeritasPay your written consent to collect, use, communicate, disclose, utilize, protect, dispose, and transfer your personal data (or the information provided above) for internal and management purposes. That the information you supply may be used by us to verify the accuracy and authenticity of the information with third parties, such as but not limited to, (e.g. Government agencies and our business partner/s) and that they may be contacted in order to verify and process your application with us.

That you have the right to be informed, to object, to access, to erase or block the information that you have provided.

That the processing of information above will be processed and accomplished in accordance to the Data Privacy Act of 2012 or R.A. No. 10173, its Implementing Rules and Regulations, Advisories and Opinions.

How long does the approval process take?

The approval process can take up to fifteen (15) working days considering that the application documents and requirements are complete.

How would I know if my application is approved or declined?

Once your application is approved or declined, you will receive an e-mail and SMS message from VeritasPay stating the result of your application. You may also visit your portal to check the status of your application.

How long will it take before I receive the POS Terminal?

Upon the approval of your application, you will be asked to choose a device. The delivery process will take up to five (5) to seven (7) business days.

When can I start using the VeritasPay services?

Once your application has been approved, the agreement has been signed, and you have completed the integration, you can immediately start accepting payments.

Where can I download the VeritasPay App?

You can download the app on the App store (for iOS) or Google Play (for Android).

How can I activate my VeritasPay App?

If your application is approved, we will be sending an e-mail with your login credentials.

I forgot my VeritasPay account password. What should I do?

To retrieve your password, click “Forget Password” via the VeritasPay portal and follow the instructions.

How long does it take to authorize card payments?

Payment authorization is processed real-time.

What type of payments are accepted?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, BancNet, JCB, and China UnionPay.

NOTE: We’re in the process of adding Beep and other payment networks on the list.

What are the ways to provide a receipt aside from printing via the terminal?

We have the options to provide a digital receipt – via SMS or e-mail. You can choose either option by tapping on their icon at the bottom of the transaction summary.

Can I accept overseas issued card payments?

Yes, we can. So long as the cardholder is not on any blacklist and the card is part of the listed schemes we accept (Visa, MasterCard, etc.)

Do my customers need to apply for a VeritasPay account to pay for my services?

No. Your customers only need their virtual wallets or debit or credit cards ready to pay for your products or services.

What is a Rolling Reserve?

A rolling reserve is a type of cash reserve that withholds a small percentage of all of a merchant's gross sales in a non-interest-bearing account for a predetermined amount of time before releasing the funds to the merchant.

My customer already completed the payment. Who will process the delivery of my products or services?

Once the payment has been completed, the merchant shall be the one to handle all products or inquiries related to his business.

How can I access my account?

Click here and enter your login credentials.

How can I manage my transaction reports?

While on the back-office dashboard, go to the Transaction History tab.

What if I have other concerns and questions?

You can contact us through the following:

  • Email –
  • Call – (02) 8633-8902
  • Webchat (will be available soon)
  • Mobile App support tab

How do VPI Smart terminals work?

Our VPI Smart terminals have an insert, tap, and swipe function for card-based or mobile payments. Additionally, the camera can be used for QR code payments.

Do the devices have warranty?

Yes. We offer a one-year warranty for the devices whether it's bought outright or rented, which includes troubleshooting and repair. In certain cases, we may also replace the device.

How will I receive money for the payments I process?

The cardholder can generally expect a refund to appear on his online banking account within 7-10 business days from the date the refund has been processed. The timeframe for refund also varies depending on the card issuer's refund process and policies.

Why is my money not in my account?

Consider the following:

  • The bank is on a holiday (the processing should proceed once the bank’s operating hours resume).
  • The internet connection was interrupted when the transaction was being processed.
  • There was an unexpected error. Check if you have been notified via e-mail or SMS. You may also contact our support team for further assistance.

How can I get a copy of my merchant statement?

Every day, via email, you will receive a statement that details all your payment information for the day, including deposits into your account, total sales volume, and charges. You can also access this information online via the back office in real-time.

What is the MDR (Merchant Discount Rate)?

The merchant discount rate is your fee for all the processing services that enable you to accept bank cards as payment. This was agreed at the start of the service engagement.

What is a chargeback?

A chargeback is a procedure where the credit card issuer reverses all or part of the amount of a credit card sale back to the originating merchant in accordance with Visa and MasterCard’s regulations. It is initiated when a cardholder or a cardholder's bank disputes a charge against the cardholder's credit card account.

How do I challenge a chargeback?

Provide a clear copy of the sales order by the due date on the request form showing:

  • Date of original sale/credit
  • Cardholder’s account number and name
  • Description of goods and/or services
  • Total amount of the sale
  • Total amount of chargeback
  • Date of authorization and approval code

What are the reasons for chargebacks?
  • The merchandise delivered to the cardholder is damaged or defective
  • The cardholder returns the merchandise but did not receive a refund
  • The cardholder disputes a transaction as a fraudulent use of their card

How can I request for refunds or reversals?

Reversals (void or cancellation) can be processed on your end using the app but note that this can only be executed on the same day that the transaction was made. Refunds are made by us on behalf of the merchant. If you have a refund request, you need to fill out the refund request form and submit it to us. All refunds are subject to our approval.

What will the customers see on their bank/credit card statements after purchasing from a merchant?

The customers will see VeritasPay* <"Merchant Name">.

How long does it take to process void, reversals and refunds?

Reversals (void or cancellation) can be processed right after the transactions has been performed. However, reversals can only be processed within the same day. Transactions past the cut-off will be considered a refund and the processing time will depend on the refund request of the merchant. All refunds are subject to our approval.

How long does it take for my customer to take his money back after reversals or refunds?

Reversals (void or cancellation) normally takes minutes to hours to be credited back to your customer’s bank account. While refunds will depend on the bank’s refund policies and procedures.

Does VeritasPay support NFC for in-store payments?

We can accept any contactless enabled credit or debit card.