12 Wild Items Sold in a Vending Machine

Posted: June 2022

Vending machines have been a thing for decades now. It’s everywhere: malls, schools, parks, and sometimes, at random places in the streets, both in residential and commercial areas.

How can it not, right? It’s a cool, convenient way to buy stuff.

Such gained a considerable boom multiple times over the years too, thanks to advancements in technology, including the digital shift in payments. The ‘cooler’ and more modern machines now have an unattended payment terminal, wherein customers can pay cashless by themselves to purchase items.

With that, businesses across industries are understandably incorporating vendos in their sales efforts – as they should, of course. As long as it can generate profit, it’s worth a try.

Now, you might be reluctant because what you sell is a little off for vending machines. You’re not exactly wrong... or maybe you’re just too conventional to think outside the box? Who really knows?

All we know is there have been wild items sold in vending machines in various countries, and we compiled some of the ones who’ll tilt your head back and sideways and make you chuckle.

Keep scrolling. It may generate a new perspective too.


Source: Twitter – Gemini Property Developers - @gemini_prop

Country: USA, UK, UAE, and others

You can be an unofficial miner in just a tap of a button.



Country: USA, France, Japan and others

You don’t have to wait to grow it out or go to the salon for a nice fix. Goodbye salons, hello vending machines.


Source: YouTube - JapaneseStuffChannel

Country: Japan

Your eyes might’ve fooled you for a second there, Beatles fans. Sorry. It’s not John, Paul, George, and Ringo singing their classic tunes - it’s still as wild and strange, though.


Source: Reddit - u/Bobgoblin15

Country: USA

Musicians should find this pretty interesting, but it makes you wonder how profitable it is. How many guys are walking around desperate to get some new strings?


Source: Reddit - u/shasamdoop

Country: Korea, Japan, and others

This could be a hot sell. It’s perfect as a make-up gift or random sweet gesture.


Source: Reddit - u/openspace77

Country: Russia and USA

It’s reportedly $500 each. Quite the snack. That’s caviar for you.



Country: Germany, Japan, and others.

Grab a bag and rejoice, veggie lovers!


Source: YouTube - DancingBacons

Country: Canada, Australia, and others.

Imagine how much of a hit this would be in the Philippines.



Country: Spain, USA, and others

If you see a vegetable AND a fruit vending machine, it’s the world telling you to get healthy.



Country: USA

This is perfect for anyone looking for a quick-but-heavy bite.



Country: Japan, USA, and others

Why is this not a thing? Everyone loves pizza, and pizza junkies are sure willing to wait.



Country: USA, France, and others

Hopefully, these vendos are always well-chilled.

Vending machines have no limits

If there’s one thing we learned here – aside perhaps from Japan being the king of pushing the envelope – it’s that as long your vending machine is built to handle the item you want to sell, there’s no limits in this type of selling. Mind you, this is just one of the many downright wild items you’ll see in a vending machine.

In the more technical side of the payment tech, however, be sure to get one that’s built for unattended payment methods, like our PAX IM30 device. Remember: consumers everywhere are going cashless, so don’t overlook the emerging preference. 

Here in VeritasPay, we have the ExpressPOS solution to cater to businesses interested in upgrading their unattended payment capabilities. It’s where we equip self-service machines (vendos, kiosks, etc.) with an unattended terminal that can accept credit, debit, and e-wallet payments. Check the link out and see how good it can help expand your sales opportunities.

As VeritasPay continues to provide high-quality payment solutions and promote cashless transactions, the company is also dedicated in bringing in fresh and informative content. We’ll be continuing to share new articles about our products, services, and varying subjects within the industry as we move forward.

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