VPI Acquirer

VeritasPay’s banking solutions include two precisely built systems – VPI Acquirer and VPI Switch. Each are developed to enhance merchant, transaction and device management and capabilities.

We teamed up with world renowned payment technology provider Hightech Payment Systems (HPS) to further mold the structure and functionalities of the system. As two of the most innovative, forward-thinking companies in the industry, we believe our partnership can raise digital payments to new heights.

VPI Acquirer is a high-functioning, wide-ranging platform that enables acquirers to tailor specific solutions for any type of merchant, regardless of the merchant’s size or complexity in hierarchy.

The platform provides full control over merchant billing, clearing, and settlement processes.

As a multi-channel solution, it has zero restrictions as it can process all types of payments – online, face-to-face, unattended and over-the-phone. The merchant service charges and fees are collected, managed, and calculated within VPI Acquirer’s systematic generator to give acquirers the flexibility for proposing varying prices. A merchant back-office is also included to provide merchants the ability to manage transactions, generate real-time reports and apply for solutions provided by an Acquirer

VPI Acquirer’s multi-currency, multi-institution, and multi-language capabilities allow efficient handling of cross-border acquiring operations. It can fit the needs of local and international merchants.

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Merchant Management

Merchant Management Module

Merchant Account Module


Merchant Back-Office

Acquirer Clearing & Settlement Management

International Schemes

Domestic Schemes

Accounting Management

Accounting Module

Acquiring Channel Management

eCommerce Interface

3rd Party Switch Interface

Transaction Management

Transaction Processing Module

Chargeback Module

Value Added Services Management

Merchant Promotions Module

Push Marketing Module

Bills Payment Module

Mobile Top Up Module

DCC Module

Reporting Management

Reporting Module

Merchant Profitability Module

Dashboard Module


Fraud Management

Batch Fraud Module